The classic collagen Induction Therapy

Basic Protocol (3 treatments, 6 weeks apart)

*All treatments include take home care products* 


$350 per session OR $900 for a package of 3

Face & Neck 

$400 per session OR $1,050 for a package of 3

Face, Neck & Décolleté

$450 per session OR $1200 for a package of 3


Professional in-clinic & at home Pigment Correction Protocol (7x in-clinic treatments once every 3 weeks + daily Bright Skin Lotion at home.)

*All treatments include take home care products + a bottle of Bright Skin Lotion*


$400 per session OR $2,100 for a package of 7

Face & Neck

$450 per session OR $2,450 for a package of 7

Face, Neck & Décolleté

$500 per session OR  $2,800 for a package of 7

Stretch Marks

*consultation required, prices vary based on how large the area needed to be treated is. *


Professional in-clinic & at home hair growth protocol

Protocol (8 weekly/bi-weekly in clinic treatments + daily hair lotion at home)

*Price includes take home care products + a bottle of Hair Growth Home care Lotion & an at home Derma Roller*

$400 per session OR $2,400 for a package of 8


*Growth factors that mimic the results of PRP treatments without drawing blood*

Ready Medical ANTI-AGING serum sonicated HA with growth factors - $100 per session

Designed to enrich the skin with an active complex of therapeutic growth factors that work in synergy to promote wound healing, increase cell motility, and stimulate dermal fibroblasts to regenerate new collagen and elastin fibers.

The growth factors are made in a unique process that mimics the activity of native growth factors, with 100% biocompatibility and improved potency and stability.

Ready Medical Post treatment Repairing serum sonicated HA and PFD & PA - $100 per session

Designed to induce and accelerate the healing process of damaged skin following aggressive treatments. Repairs damaged proteins, Shorten treatment downtime, Reduce inflammation and irritation, Promote non-scarring wound healing, improve immunomodulatory response

Ready  Medical Anti-Oxidant sonicated HA + Vitamin C-$100 per session

This offers an effective skin brightening treatment with photo-protection benefits. This combination  features a strong antioxidant effect that helps prevent photo-damage caused by free radicals. Inhibits overproduction of melanin and softens the appearance of pigmented spots.

Ready Medical Acne Treatment serum sonicated HA and Acne Complex - $100 per session

Specifically formulated to prevent the infestation of P Bacteria and to alleviate skin irritation, inflammation and pigmentation that are associated with acne breakouts.

This Acne Complex has strong antibacterial properties that help regulate sebum secretion and reduce the growth of the ance bacteria by 99.9%.