Potenza Microneedling with RF Enhanced Treatment

At Velour Laser, our dedicated team of professionally trained Medical Aestheticians and Technicians are proud to offer Potenza treatments. Potenza RF Micro-needling performs like no other treatment to address signs of aging. Your skin can feel firmer and look younger with Potenza’s revolutionary treatment!

What Does Treatment Look Like?

Potenza is the new standard in RF micro-needling that can be used to treat scars, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, sagging skin, stretch marks and more. During your session, a micro-needle tip is placed on the outer layer of your skin. As the microneedles gently pierce your skin, RF energy is applied to the target area.

What Do We Use?

The Potenza micro-needling treatment uses ultrafine needles and radiofrequency (RF) energy to penetrate the top layer of your skin and trigger your body's natural healing process. This regenerates new collagen and elastin to give you tighter and brighter skin.

Before and After

Appointment Prep & Post-Care

Before visiting Velour for your Potenza treatment, there are a few steps you need to take to ensure optimal treatment results!

Before treatment

On the day of treatment

After treatment


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Potenza right for me?
The Potenza micro-needling treatment can treat a wide variety of common skin issues and concerns. It can be used on the face and body. It’s important that you talk to one of our technicians to see if Potenza is right for you.
What are the benefits of Potenza and RF energy?
Using RF energy will trigger your body’s natural response to increase elastin and collagen production. This, in turn, will enhance the revitalization of your skin versus micro-needling alone.
What can I expect from Potenza treatments?
Potenza treatments can vary, but most sessions last around 45 minutes or less. There are minimal side effects reported, and the treatment is virtually painless. If you do feel discomfort, one of our technicians can provide you with numbing cream to make the treatment more tolerable.
How many Potenza treatments will I need?
The number of required treatments depends on your unique concerns and skincare desires. Many clients see noticeable improvements within 4-6 treatments.
What can Potenza correct?

Potenza can help with many different skin conditions, including scarring, acne, fine lines, wrinkles, signs of aging, and skin pigmentation issues.

What is the downtime?

Since Potenza is a gentle non-ablative treatment, there is usually minimal downtime necessary. Most people experience some redness and swelling for 24-48 hours.

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