Laser Hair Removal: Pre & Post Care Guide


Before treatment

Day of Treatment


For best results: We recommend follow-up and repeat laser hair removal treatments every 4-6 weeks, with a series of 9 treatments depending on your personalized care plan.

Pre & Post Care:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply a cool compress to the treated area?

If you are experiencing swelling following your treatment, you can wet a soft washcloth with cool (not cold) water and place it on your skin for a few minutes at a time.

What if I have to use prescription creams?

If you use a prescription cream it is best to discuss this with your doctor prior to treatment. They will advise you if it is safe to continue using it following laser hair removal.

Does laser hair removal have any side effects?

Following treatment, you may notice redness or discoloration. These are common but temporary, only lasting for 1-3 days.

At Velour Laser we are a dedicated team with medical background education. We provides state of the art technology, FDA and Health Canada approved Laser equipment. We take pride in providing our clients with permanent hair reduction.